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Al Maktoum Mosque Dundee

Under the patronage of the late HH Shaikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the foundation stone of Al-Maktoum Mosque was laid on the 10th of July 2012 in the presence of a senior delegation from the UAE and the UAE Embassy. The Mosque opened its doors for the worshippers in September 2013 after its construction, allowing itself to operate fully for the five times prayers as well as other auxiliary activities and services pertaining to it.

The Mosque has a full capacity of 600 worshippers. It is family and child friendly and has a separate prayer hall for the ladies upstairs. The building comprises of three floors, basement, ground floor and first floor. The basement area has a kitchenette and a multi-purpose hall which has retractable walls to turn it into three separate class/lecture rooms. The ground floor has the main prayer hall, toilets, and wudu area. The upper floor contains a prayer hall for ladies, toilets, and a wudu area for them.

The mosque is easily accessible for the elderly and those with disability issues through a lift that takes the users to all the floors.

Al-Maktoum Mosque is unique in its architecture as its blends with the local building structures and yet preserves its Islamic architectural identity at the same time. Its location is strategic as it is wedged between Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education and the University of Dundee, and it is also closer to the University of Abertay, students’ accommodations, city centre and an adjacent residential area.

The community frequenting the Mosque is a vibrant mixture of students and locals mainly from Arab, African, Asian, and other European ethnicities – It welcomes a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic congregation comprising of more than 15 nationalities and ethnicities. The Mosque is also frequented by passing-by Muslim tourists.

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