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Family harmony during lockdown…

Family harmony during lockdown…

السلام علیکم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Lockdown is an inescapable reality that we have learned to live in. This reality is unprecedented in our living memory and neither were we aware in the past that we would face such a situation sometime in the future.

Lockdown has brought us back to our home environment where we are spending more and more of our time in and with. This prolonged exposure with family members under one roof has meant the risks of creating unnecessary frictions are high, thus souring family relations with each other, sometimes beyond repair.

Allah, the Highest, has created every human unique in terms of his/her behaviour, interests and preferences. In that respect, sometimes, these traits can result in conflicts with each other. This is more so among the kids, however, adults are sometimes also not prone to altercations.

Heavy criticism to a member of one’s family living under one roof, unnecessary reprimand, annoyance at some personally detested behaviour patterns and personal anger issues; are some of the ingredients that brew, boil and then spill out frictions that are unsettling during the lockdown.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a person with a cool and sublime character and was extremely kind to his family members. He once stated, “The best amongst you are those who are good to their family members. And I am the best among you all, as I am really good to my family members.” (Tirmidhi, vol. 1, Book 40, hadith no. 3895)

In this relation, Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) is a great example for us to follow during the lockdown. It is worth mellowing down during this period and ensuring harmony is preserved within the four walls of the house at all times.

The benefits of maintaining harmony during this period and beyond are immense and the outcomes extraordinary. Also, it allows the family unit to develop themselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Furthermore, it attracts love, a strong mutual bond and ultimate.

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